Nepalese Investment Environment

Nepalese Investment Environment | Investment Management | Finance MCQs

Investment environment refers to those forces, factors, or variables that directly or indirectly affect investment activities. Factors that affect the selection of investment alternatives, as well as the overall investment process, can be described as follows:

A. Securities

The evidence of property rights or claim on income and assets of an entity. The first common stock was issued by Biratnagar Jute Mills and Nepal Rastra Bank in 1937and a government bond was issued in 1964.

B. Securities Market

The place or platform where securities are traded is called the securities market. In the history of the primary market, it was started in 1937 as the first common stock issued by Biratnagar Jute Mills and Nepal Rastra Bank.

C. Securities Market Regulation

Securities market is governed by the Security Exchange Board of Nepal (SEBON) as the establishment of SEBON under different acts and regulations.


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